photo by Alex Okun

photo by Alex Okun


I began my career in Israel over 10 years ago as a Concept Artist and I'm now focused on the creation and visual development of animated IP for film and television.

Immigrating to Canada in 2005 I got my first north american animation gig (it's a big deal for a israeli kid) at the Smithsonian inducted animation studio Mainframe Entertainment. I worked as a Concept Artist and Production Designer on animated films such as Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Sabotage, the Weinstein Produced Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis, as well as the theatrically released Feature Animation, Escape from Planet Earth.

I later became a key Creative at Electronic Arts Montreal, where I served as Art Director on projects such as Need for Speed, the Simpsons, and other yet-to-be-released next Gen AAA titles.

In 2012, I developed Mighty Mighty Monsters’ Two, one hour animated specials as the Production Designer, Executive Producer and Co-Head Writer. Mighty Monsters has recently Aired on Teletoons Canada and won the leo award for best animated show! woohoo for me!

Most recently, I Joined Vancouver based Bardel Entertainment as an Art Director working on the 2014 upcoming King Julien TV series as well as The Croods animated TV series for DreamWorks Animation and Netflix. those shows are hilarious so go watch them!

in my spare time I focus on breathing, eating, sleeping and being a responsible and loving pack leader to my 80lbs Argentinian Dogo, Ripley! (named after the bestest scifi character of all times, Ellen Ripley)

I'm currently a permanent resident of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


please feel free to connect via email for any inquiries/freelance: or press the email icon below.